Negative Ion


In our jewelry we also place elements “Negative Ions”. Positive ions, produced by electrical appliances such as air conditioning, TVs and computers, or by air pollution have harmful effects on our health.


  • These positive ions cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, migraine and asthma. That is why extensive research is being conducted into reversing or eliminating the harmful effect of positive ions. Hence also the research on negative ions, and the favorable influence they have on our bodies, our moods and our spirits.
  • We can smell negative Ions when it has just stopped raining, a fresh smell, such as when we are standing next to a waterfall or on the beach. The euphoric and rosy feeling you experience after a day in the open air comes not only because you are out for a day, away from the stress of home or work, but also because of negative ions.
  • In Korea and Japan, negative ion therapy has become a recognized treatment for all sorts of health problems.

The beneficial effects of negative ions:

  • Anti-depression.
  • Purification of our blood: the calcium and sodium (salt) content in our blood increases, this changes the pH (acidity) of our blood and this has a purifying effect.
  • It activates and stimulates cell function, allowing nutrients to be absorbed faster.
  • Immunity is increasing: The higher the level of negative ions, the higher the amount of gamma globulin (antibodies) in our blood.
  • The balance of the autonomic nervous system improved. Negative ions help regulate the balance of insulin and adrenaline.
  • Oxygen supply to the brain: this makes us feel more alert and energetic.
  • They calm our body, reducing sleep problems.